/he closed his eyes while resting his head on your shoulder, enjoying you caressing his neck, but as soon as he hears those words he pulls back instantly, his face telling undeniable how embarrassed he is/ C-could you please stop that?! /he automatically raises his hand to his neck, rubbing it nervously/ You’re already talking like a creepy doctor, jeez!! That’s unfair!

/he can’t hold back his laughing when you pull back and turn even redder than before, though after a moment he manages to keep it as a soft chuckling instead. He tilts his head and kisses the part of your neck you’re not covering and gives it a light nip instead/ I thought you were the one who told me to take advantage of my time as a doctor. This is also taking advantage of it, I believe. And you better get used to it, because every single interesting thing I learn at the university I’ll gladly use it to seduce you. /sticks out his tongue at you before winking playfully/


/doesn’t look at you until you stop laughing, he still makes a pouting face when you force him to look up/ I said I didn’t-! /was about to complain again but doesn’t, when you kiss him on the nose and hug him a little too tight. Nii-san be careful, your brother is not a plushie!/ Pfff! /even if he keeps acting as if he was still annoyed, he raises his arms to put them around you as well, silently hugging you with his head resting on your shoulder/

/he only notices how he’s hugging you tightly a second after, loosening his arms around your neck to wrap them around your waist instead. He still chuckles lightly at you when you rest your head on his shoulder. He raises one of his hands and gently scratches and caresses the back of your neck. He can feel your skin is still a bit hot, which means you’re probably still blushing a little. He lets his index and middle finger run a little bit to the side before he presses them against your skin, being able to feel your pulse easily. He smiles teasingly and whispers into your ear/ You know, even when you try to deny me and even hide your face from me, your body will always tell me the truth. Like your increased heart rate and your skin heating so suddenly. 

Anonymous: do you like gouenji yuuka? how often did she visits you? have you been dating? i really like your otp by the way

Yuuka-san is indeed a very good person and she did visit me often while I was at the hospital, but no, we never dated or anything like that.


/when you suddenly start laughing it takes him a second longer until he stops being like frozen, and his face starts heating up since he’s so ashamed. He doesn’t return your hug but instead only stuttered while you rub your cheek against his/ I- I didn’t! Of course I knew you were just kidding, oh my!!! Nii-san, didn’t you get that I was just playing along, geeee- mh! /he gets interrupted by your kiss so he decides to give up and give in, closing his eyes and sighing into the kiss. Damn that was really embarrassing now!/ I’m not… sweet and innocent. /mumbles to himself without looking at you/

/can’t help but to find it even cuter when you just try so hard to deny him when the truth is so clear, but still, he stops laughing and intead tilts your head to the side so you could look at him/ Yes, you are sweet. And innocent. Not for all things, but for some you are, indeed, innocent. You just proved me that a second ago. /he pecks your nose and then raises his arms to wrap them around your neck. You’re really the cutest when you’re that embarrassed/


/he keeps staring at you when you stick out your tongue at him but your next words really catch his attention. He was about to say something but before he gets the chance to, he’s already pushed back on the couch. He feels his face blushing as he looks at you/ W-what?! Noway, forget it! You won’t make money with such things! You’ll become a doctor so you don’t need dirty jobs, che-! /sorry but he totally missed the sarcasm/

/he tilts his head at you when you seem so shocked and he does keep staring at you for a few seconds longer before he suddenly bursts into laughing and ruffles your hair/ Did you really fall for that? Oh, Kyousuke! /he leans closer and wraps his arms around you, rubbing his cheek against yours/ You better stop being so naive and cute sometimes or else I’ll feel really bad for trying to pollute your mind with my dirty sarcasm! /he pulls back and cups your cheeks with both hands before pressing a long kiss to your lips and cuddling you once more/ My sweet and innocent baby brother~


/grins amused at your reaction and even starts laughing a little when you act totally over the top and like a drama  queen. He follows you to the couch and sits down next to you, placing his hand on your back and patting you comforting/ Shh don’t be sad Nii-san. You would be a very famous and extra ordinary talented porn star.

/he lowers his hand when he notices you sitting on the couch as well and then looks up at you, though then he’s back pouting and frowning at you. He flicks your forehead and sticks out his tongue at you before kneeling down on the couch/ Is that so? Well… I could make some money from that, considering how talented I am, then. Maybe you could help me practice. /he grins and then crawls closer before leaning up and straddling you, pushing you gently against the backrest of the couch/ You like that idea?


/shivers and automatically takes a step backwards, damn that’s scary when you act like that, you know?/ N-Nii-san! /clears his throat while looking away, totally not embarrassed or anything nope/ I- That- Stop acting like in a porn movie!

/he raises a brow at you when you suddenly step back, though he finds your red face really amusing before you look away from him. Though that feeling doesn’t lasts much/ Porn movie? Don’t you tell me you’re comparing me to a porn star! /he pouts and frowns before turning his head away. He walks to the couch before plopping on it and raising his hand to cover his eyes with his forearm, speaking with a whiny tone/ I’ve been lowered to a porn star! What an unfair world!


Hehe… They do. But you could also be a teacher with that look. Or any kind of tutor. /folds his arms and keeps watching you a little skeptically with his eyebrows raised/ Oh well as long as you don’t lecture me or plan on giving me an injection or something like that… /shrugs/ I don’t mind your “serious look”.

Teacher and tutor? /he can’t help but to smile teasingly at that, slowly stepping closer to you before he tilts your head up gently with his index finger/ Are you sure you don’t want me to lecture you? Yuuichi-sensei could teach you sooo many things~ /his smile widdens until he’s smirking at you/



/he folds his arms and holds his chin in thought/ Hmm… How many there are of you? I would probably need some instruments to do a proper check up… /oh and you calling his sensei really puts him in a very good mood please keep calling him that/

Uhm, in Seidouzan? [trying touchingly to be as helpful as he can for you, though he’s a little shy] Including me, there’s sixteen of us, Yuuichi-sensei, but I don’t know if everyone needs a checkup if that’s too many people for you. [twisting his hands a little bit]

/he nods at your question, arms still folded as he listens to you/ Well, there are not that much. I’m pretty sure I can deal with all of you. /he winks playfully at you/ But I still should look somewhere for medical instruments… Do you perhaps know someone who might have those nearby?


/looks at the glasses when you take them off and then back at your face/ Well if you already know now that you will need them, you can try take better care of that. Like… how Mom always say: Don’t read with noth enough light in the room, don’t hold the book too close to your face…” /rolls eyes since those advises can be really annoying at times/ On the other hand… /grins/ They look good on you!

It’s not like I do that very often, anyway… /he scratches his cheek, thinking for a moment there until you catch his attention by telling him that he looks good. He smiles in reply and raises his head proudly, folding his arms/ I bet they give me this “serious doctor atmosphere”, huh?